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About Catapult Grow

Catapult Grow™ is the premier education-backed Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), focused on the best interest of dentists and their teams.

We know that education is the main driver of growth, plain and simple. It is no surprise that Catapult Education™ acts as the foundation for this GPO. Our growing education network of 35,000 subscribers has allowed us to create the most comprehensive GPO in dentistry. Our goal supports the concept that dentists should be at the top of the food chain in our profession. We are challenging what the norm has become over the past few decades in dentistry.

The industry status quo makes it so that individual dentists and small dental groups have very little purchasing power. We understand the challenges that dentists face today and are working to make our members more profitable, both in their practices and personal lives, while also driving individualized growth through education. We are leveraging the Catapult Organization’s 20+ years of educational, business, and industry relationships to bring connections, savings, and value never seen before in dentistry. Our members have the opportunity to:

  • Run their business with increased purchasing power

  • Offer better benefits and retirement plans for their entire team

  • Reduce dozens of costs in your practices

  • Negotiate better PPO fees

  • Create better financing for your patients

  • Access the latest in digital technology at the best pricing

  • Take advantage of our online modular learning at a 50% discount


This is just the beginning. Let’s change dentistry together, one practice at a time.
Welcome to Catapult Grow.

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