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Speak to our Savings Specialist!

Find out how much your practice can save on essential dental supplies and services by leveraging group purchasing power!

Hint: It’s a lot!

Step 1: Fill Out Form

Fill out the form and we’ll schedule a call to talk with a “Savings Specialist“ expert about your current spending.


Step 2: Rank Your Savings Needs

The Saving Specialist will help rank your savings needs first, second, and third in order to maximize saving for your practice.


Step 3: Start Saving Now!

Join Catapult Grow and access exclusive discounts on vital dental supplies and services from trusted partners, saving thousands annually effortlessly.


Start calculating your savings!

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Current Grow Savers

Catapult Grow's partner network is committed to boosting your practice's profitability through cost-saving solutions, better rates, and strategic insights for long-term financial success. Just check out how much our partners have saved these current Catapult Grow members!

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